KRAUSEN LUXE STYLE 75 QUICK AUTO WITH TANK Compact drinking water filter 4 stage


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KRAUSEN LUXE STYLE 75 QUICK AUTO With Metal Tank Size: 2.5G (with faucet included)

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The LUXE STYLE 75 QUICK TURN Compact drinking water filter is a four-stage drinking water treatment system.
Pre filtration:

5 micron foam polypropylene cartridge. Removes mechanical impurities, suspended matter, rust from water; high molecular weight organics, heavy metal cations from water

Granular active carbon cartridge. Removes free chlorine, organic chlorine, improves organoleptic (taste) properties of water;

The main cleaning element of the system:
Reverse osmosis washable membrane made of hollow-core elements. The pore size is 0.05–0.1 microns. The membrane filters out dissolved impurities, colloids, pathogenic bacteria and viruses.
For comparison: the size of the cysts of Giardia and Cryptosporidium is 5-15 microns, Escherichia coli is 0.5 microns, the bacteria Salmonella, Shigella, Legionella 0.3-1.5 microns, viruses 0.01-0.03 microns).

High quality coconut shell activated carbon filter. Improves the taste of water.

Reverse osmosis system;
Drinking faucet;
Storage tank of 8 liters;
Set of connecting tubes;
1/2 “adapter with 1/4” tap for connecting the system to the water supply;
Clamp for drain pipe;
QUICK TURN Compact Pre-cartridge SET.

Features of the reverse osmosis system LUXE STYLE 75 QUICK:
The main feature of the system is the facilitated replacement of replaceable elements. No need to be a plumber specialist. The cartridges are easily visible and inserted into the filter with just a flick of the wrist.
The presence of a pump increases the productivity and efficiency of the system;
The processor controls the process of washing the membrane, thereby improving filtration and lengthening its life;
The housing covers all the working elements of the filter, which is a functional addition, since the system is usually installed under the kitchen sink;
Maximum productivity 280 liters / day;
Filter Dimensions: 350mm x 300mm x 120mm, weight 3,5kg