KRAUSEN LUXE STYLE NEW LINE Modern A380(200/180) MODERN water filter purifier UK


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Reverse osmosis system without tank (direct flow): Luxe Style New LINE modern 380
Patented filtering technology;
German quality system;
Built-in microprocessor automatically regulates all work processes in the water treatment system;
The built-in Aqua Stop system shuts off the water supply at the inlet to the main filter unit in case of water leakage in the main unit;
Built-in automatic pump ensures efficient operation of the system at any water pressure in the water supply;
High membrane performance;
Compact, without storage tank.
The Luxe Style New LINE modern 380 drinking water purification filter is a 5-step reverse osmosis system with a booster pump, automatic flushing of the membrane, LCD display, electronic protection against water leaks, and also has sound and light indication of the status of replaceable filter elements.
This high-performance water filter is equipped with two reverse osmosis membranes with a capacity of up to 720 liters per day and can be used without a storage tank.
5 steps of water purification;
1st stage – cartridge for preliminary mechanical cleaning (material: twisted
or foamed polypropylene), designed to remove mechanical particles and
suspensions with a diameter of ~ 5-15 microns (microns). Cartridge service life 4-6 months;
2nd stage – a cartridge containing granular activated carbon
(GAC), removes chlorine and its compounds, organic substances, gases and odors,
improves palatability and color. Cartridge service life 4-6 months;
3rd stage – fine filter cartridge (material: foamed polypropylene),
it is intended for removal of mechanical particles and suspensions with a diameter of ~ 1-5 microns
(micron). This additional step in the 5 step filter allows
it is better to protect the membrane – which in turn will last longer. Term
cartridge service 6-9 months;
4th stage – the main element of water treatment – membrane cleaning (method
reverse osmosis). Simplified is a semi-permeable material,
through which only water and oxygen molecules can pass. Pollution
the filtering surface of the membrane is irreversible and leads to a complete stop
water purification process. That is why a preliminary two- or
three-stage filtration of incoming water, and the membrane is organized
so that all the impurities entering it do not settle on its surface, but
washed off in the sewerage. Service life up to 60 months;
5th stage – a cartridge based on granular activated carbon –
carbon post-filter that improves water quality. Cartridge Life 12-24
Number of filtration steps 5
Productivity, l / min from 0,9 till 1,2
Type of water Cold water
Working pressure, MPa 6.5-7.0 Atm
Model New a line modern 380
Operating temperature, C 4-38
Productivity, l / hour 30
Manufacturer Krausen
Height , mm 420
Width. mm 330
Length, mm 170